Landscape Materials

Elf’s Garden Center has products for all your mulch and soil needs. Our mulch is a local NH product. We carry 4 varieties. We sell Super soil, which is mixed with compost and screened to ½ inch. We also have a limited supply of our own compost made from our Alpaca manure, Pig manure, Chicken manure, leaves and grass clippings. (not screened) Our Compost is available in the spring while supplies last. We can deliver or you can pick up in your truck.


Pine Mulch
$39.00 per yard
Super Soil
$39.00 per yard
¾” Stone
$37.00 per yard
Stone Dust
$55.00 per yard
Playground mulch
$39.00 per yard
Red Cedar mulch
$42.00 per yard
Hemlock mulch
$42.00 per yard
Black mulch
$42.00 per yard

All bulk material are available in full yards only, no exceptions. All products are sold as is. We have no control over processing materials as this is done by outside vendors.

Pickup truck hauling capabilities:

Black and Red Cedar Bark Mulch sold in bulk

Black and Red Cedar Bark Mulch

  • ½ ton truck  – ½ yard heavy materials
  • ¾ ton truck – 1 yard heavy materials
  • 1 ton truck – 1 to 1 ½ yards heavy materials

Bark mulch is lighter per yard so trucks can carry more.


  • 1 yard stone weighs 1 to 1 ½ tons
  • 1 yard bark mulch weighs 500 – 600 lbs
  • 1 yard of any product will cover 100 sq ft (10×10 area), 3” deep.

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