Elf’s Country Store Website Updated

Looking for a gift or to treat yourself?

We just went through our country store website and updated all our products!

There is a great selection of alpaca products to choose from that are good for every season.

Most of our products our made from our very own fleece we harvest from our animals at Elf-Paca Meadows.

We know you will love our products because we can’t get enough of them yourselves!

Website: https://elfscountrystore.com/

Maroon Leaf Shrub Sale!

August 10th through August 16th we are having a Maroon Leaf Shrub sale on Weigela and NineBark.

Weigela bushes make great foundation plants that flower nicely in the spring. Though not completely deer resistant, deer do not destroy these plants and rarely severely damage them.

NineBark are very versatile plants that really shine through during winter. As stems age, the bark peels back in layers; creating basically an exfoliating affect where new fresh bark is uncovered doing the colder months. These plants are completely deer resistant.

Hosta Sale

Hosta sale 7/3 through 7/5

$3.00 off original price

Below is a list of varieties we have in stock

Earth Angel
Sum and Substance
Blue Angel
Wheaten Blue
Humpback Whale
Moon Split
Golden Tiara
Cool as Cucumber
Strip Tease
Fragrant Dream
Stained Glass
Big Daddy
Beach Boy
Cherry Tomato
Ginko Craig
Blue Cadet
Wishing Well
Stir Fry
Rainforest Sunshine
Abba Dabba Do
Restless Sea